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BRILLIANT Film from Trivium Technologies, Inc.
Trivium Technologies has patented and created a revolutionary new brightness
enhancement film technology that will dramatically improve the viewability of Liquid
Crystal Display (LCD) visual systems.

Trivium’s BRILLIANT Film™ improves LCD display viewability through enhanced
screen brightness while potentially extending the battery life of mobile devices.  
When embedded in an LCD display, a single layer of the patented Trivium BRILLIANT
Film™ will outperform the current Industry-standard of multiple layers of cross-
brightness enhancement films.  Trivium’s BRILLIANT Film™ not only provides
improved luminance for the display, it also uses less “real estate” inside the display,
contributing to a thinner display profile.  

Additionally, the Trivium film design can be customized to control the exit angle of the
light, addressing the viewing angle requirements for the display application.  A
narrow exit angle is optimal for handheld displays, while a wide horizontal exit angle
is optimal for large format LCD TVs. Only Trivium's BRILLIANT Film™ can offer these
performance benefits.

Extensive design refinement has been completed using ORA's LightTools™ modeling
software.  BRILLIANT Film™ is a passive, polymer film that is created using
microreplication and patent-pending lamination manufacturing processes.  Multiple
optical film manufacturers are refining their processes to manufacture beta prototype
films for Trivium that can be scaled to a roll-to-roll mass-manufacturing process.
Trivium Technologies, Inc.
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