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Trivium's Patent Portfolio
Trivium has developed a substantial Intellectual Property Patent portfolio, with initial
claims dating back to 1998.  Three major patents have been granted to date by the
USPTO and are currently being granted in rest-of-world.  Five additional major filings
are in process globally.  In total, Trivium has filed over 200 claims for light
management films within these eight filings.  These claims include film light
management concept and know-how, film designs, materials, manufacturing
processes, sub-assemblies with other films, etc.  Trivium utilized a comprehensive
patent strategy developed by I.P. Capital Group to insure optimal coverage and
protection for these designs.

A Family of Optical Film Products:
Trivium has filed patent claims for multiple light management films that utilize many of
the same light-guiding principals and components that address different display types.  
These include:

•        BRILLIANT Film™  Brightness Optimization Film
The largest immediate market opportunity is for Trivium’s brightness enhancement film.  
A single layer of Trivium film can outperform the Industry’s current multi-film solution to
boost display luminance.  Trivium’s Brightness Optimization Film can also be designed
for differing applications with varying viewing angle requirements.

•        The Diodic Lens: Trivium’s patented Transflective Film
Trivium has patented a transflective film that, in addition to boosting the display’s
backlight performance, can also process available ambient light for improved
luminance.  Trivium’s patented transflective film design results in a display that has
high reflective performance and high transmissive performance concurrently and
cumulatively.  For mobile applications, this will result in extended battery life.

•        Trivium’s OLED Display Film
Trivium has also completed some preliminary designs specific to OLED displays.  The
OLED film is designed to maximize the OLED pixel’s luminance while absorbing or
matting the ambient light.  This should result in a higher contrast ratio, improving the
display’s readability in bright ambient environments.
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