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Trivium is a Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, ERP and Tax consulting firm offering early-mid stage companies strategy consulting as well as support ranging from administrative to CFO level expertise. We provide tailored packages that scale to the needs of our clients. We partner with clients to manage all non-technical requirements, freeing up time and resources which can be spent on product and service development, while reducing cost and providing flexibility.

Trivium founded in 2009 with the mission to support entrepreneurs and executives with corporate strategy and execution. We do this by offering a number of flexible support models serviced by experts in their respective fields. Since then we've grown organically through referrals and repeat clients.

We value the importance of being a good corporate citizen, and as such, we constantly hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards both in the workplace and outside of it.

Executives & Advisors

Sharad Singh

Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO)
Sharad Singh - Trivium CEO - Chief Empowering Officer

Meenakshi Singh

Founder, Sherpa
Meenakshi Singh - Trivium - Sherpa - COO

Sonia Clark

VP HR & Talent Strategy
Sonia Clark - Trivium - VP Talent Strategy & HR

Yelena Ten

VP Tax
Yelena Ten

Scott Williams

VP Corp. Development & Customer Success
Scott Williams - Trivium - VP Corp. Development & Customer Success

Nathan Seifert

Media | IT | 10100101
Nathan Seifert - Trivium -
Media / IT / 10100101

Niti Bhasin

Accounting Manager
Niti Bhasin - Trivium - Accounting Manager

Mary Voss

Mary Voss - Trivium - VP HR

Paul Fuller

Financial Conductor
Paul Fuller - Trivium - Financial Conductor

Wayne Riley

Senior Tax Advisor
Wayne Riley - Trivium Tax - Senior Tax Advisor

Arjun Singh

Advisor M&A
AJ Singh - Trivium - Advisor M&A

Our Partners

Trivium is at the forefront of technology.
We partner with the best of the best,
including but not limited to:
Accounting / Finance Software
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram


Ciarán O'Leary
Founder of BlueYard
Ciarán O'Leary
Founder of BlueYard

Merchant Banking

Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Slack Fund

Payroll / PEO

Eric Yuan
Founder of Zoom
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Slack Fund
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram

Financial Tools

Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Slack Fund
Slack Fund

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"We have experienced Trivium’s service flexibility from managing our HR & finance when we were pre-revenue, pre-funding, pre-product to now addressing our needs when we are in 7 countries, 150+ employees and growing 100% y-o-y. Their customer centric mindset and global domain expertise separate them from the rest."
- Sanjay Sharma | Founder & CEO

roambee logo

"Trivium delivers thoughtful, competent execution on all the back office tasks that allow the startup team to focus on their core mission and succeed. Trivium deep bench of experts, deliver accounting, payroll, tax, benefits and HR at a level that no startup can duplicate in house. Our partnership with Trivium made our journey possible."
- Teddy Shalon | WaterGuru CEO

WaterGuru Logo

"I just know that the Trivium team genuinely cares about our company's wellbeing. They treat it as if it's their own company. And that is the single most important quality I could ask for."
- Arjun Mehta | Founder & CEO

“Trivium has a CEO who is very approachable, a team that responds to client’s need 24X7, and a transparent pricing making NI (Next Input) accounting and HR function the best in class and my life easy.”

- Tarun Anand | Head of Finance
nextinput logo

“Trivium is an exceptional business partner.  Their team is completely aligned &  integrated with Cortina Access objectives and deliverables.”

- Zino Chair | General Manager
cortina access logo - linking people globally

"I just want to thank you, now our team feels that we are working with real professionals." 

- Kate Kondakova | Head of Finance 
3Dlook 3D Look logo

“When we decided to outsource our accounting function we were looking for a partner who can hit the ground running with robust processes, tools and deep expertise in all areas of accounting, compliance, systems, and HR. We found that partner in Trivium."

- Tarun Anand | Head of Finance
nextinput - next input logo

“I won't get tired of saying how lucky we are to start working with you!  Many Thanks!” 

- Kate Kondakova | Head of Finance
3D Look logo

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with trivium founders since they started the company. The culture of genuinely caring about their customers has been part of the initial philosophy of the funding team. As trivium has grown to take care of many of our portfolio companies the individual care they have given us has been their organization top priority. Working with hundreds of startups, they know the needs of entrepreneurs and founders and what it takes to help the small and young companies in the most crucial part of their journey."

- Amir Nayyerhabibi | Partner

"As a business, we have to execute on many of the same functions that a large business has to execute on; however, as a startup - we clearly cannot count on resourcing all of those functions the way a quality organization needs to. With Trivium's help and support - we are able to run a professional organization in finance and HR without having to staff it ourselves. More importantly, you provide me with peace of mind. Allowing us to focus on the important task of building the product, the roadmap and the business."

- Anand Chandrasekher | ceo
aira technologies

"Trivium is a great partner to Faves. We rely on them for all our back office needs. They are affordable, reliable and efficient. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else."

- Tyler Maloney | ceo

"In my first meeting with the Trivium team, they listened, understood, and took ownership of the tasks in their areas.  Having confidence in them as qualified, capable teammates, willing to jump in and take ownership of new tasks allows our company to focus on other areas.  Trivium also communicates well when their tasks have been completed, when they have suggested solutions for our requests, or for any needed clarifying details."

- Maureen McKenzie | VP Sales Operations

"I am appreciative of all the support provided by Trivium Team for the due diligence work which was a long process with many requests with a short turnaround time.  Ionpath could not have done without Trivium Team's help."

- John Hu | VP Finance

"Neetu of Trivium did a phenomenal job of the first pass of the classification and unaudited financials. Thank you Trivium Team for helping correct this early on. Makes everything easier later."

- Raj Mallempati | ID Science

"Thanks for the diligent work and constant support with Daffy! I am so grateful for your support and appreciate the hard work put in. It would not have been possible without the effort and openness to learn that you have, Biji and Meena."

- Edward Park | Silverback Ventures

"Just wanted to say thanks for helping pull this team together. I feel like we have a reliable and dependable back office now that I can trust and it makes my life much, much better."

- Tyler Confrey-Maloney

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