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Our Tax and Compliance team takes a holistic approach to our clients’ needs. Having been working with companies throughout their business cycles, we understand their current and can anticipate their future tax issues. From an EIN application, to filing an extension, to tax return preparation and filing, our team makes sure our clients are tax compliant.

We also realize that each client is unique. Our experience shows that most clients engaging us to file a tax return come back with various “what-if” questions. This is the major reason we have made tax planning and tax research integral components of our tax practice.

In addition, we are offering customized tax service packages - any combination of individual and/or business tax compliance, audit, tax planning, and other services.

Tax & Compliance Services
  • Individual tax returns, US, Federal and States

  • Business tax returns, US, Federal and States

  • Audit support, Audit representation, IRS and State taxing authorities

  • Tax planning for businesses and individuals, US and international

  • Tax research for businesses and individuals, US and international


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